I thought gambling is illegal in Texas.  Is this legal?

Gambling is illegal in Texas.  We strictly follow the gambling laws of Texas.    Here is what the Attorney General of Texas has to say about playing casino games in our homes:

“…It is legal for individuals to play poker or other casino activities in a private place, defined as “a place to which the public does not have access.” They can bet money and win money.  However, all money must be redistributed to the participants. The “house” cannot keep a cut.”  Texas Attorney General Statement

The statute further says that “a private place” has a fairly narrow description.  Meeting rooms in restaurants, hotels, office buildings, etc., are not considered “a private place”.  A private residence is about the only thing considered “a private place” under the statute.  Texas Penal Code, Title 10. Sec. 47.01.(8)

More importantly, when we play anywhere other than “a private place” we do not gamble.  We play for fun and education. There is no money won or lost.  While it may cost something to “buy-in” to a game, the admission fee only entitles you to join the game with a limited number of no-value chips.

How does a Craps Tournament work?

Each player “buys-in” with an admission fee and receives equal amount of chips. (e.g. $20 admission fee and receive $1,000 in chips).  The game is played using regular rules for a limited period of time, generally 60 to 90 minutes.  At the end of the time period, the person with the most chips is declared the winner.

How does your Craps League work?

Our Craps League is very similar to an individual bowling league.  Each week the same players play a Tournament.  Chip counts at the conclusion of each tournament are carried forward to the next week’s game.  At the end of the league season – generally 6 weeks – the person with the highest chip count is declared the winner.  Trophies and other prizes are generally awarded to the top players.

Where do you play?

Locations vary. Check our “Play with Us” page for the next location.  League play is held at a consistent location for the course of the league season.